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The Energise School Program is a unique and innovative program that teaches children how to take charge of their own lives and boost their self-esteem.

Through this program, every child learns the skills and habits that are essential for a healthy and happy future.

They are also encouraged to apply these skills and habits in their daily lives and see the positive changes they can make. 

Shane has been running this program for a many years now at over 20 Central Coast Schools. 

This program has the potential to transform a child’s life in many ways. 

They can  develop confidence, resilience, and social skills that will help them cope with the challenges of adolescence.

Research has shown that a child who exercises regularly, eats a balanced diet, and sleeps well is more alert, performs better academically, and is more satisfied with their life.

The Energise program is designed to complement or enhance your current PDHP curriculum by providing individual results and team building exercises for students.

Each student will undergo a fitness assessment in the first week and another one in the last week to measure and celebrate their progress.

Our goal is to motivate every student to do their best, have fun, and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

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